Rune Myth’s Adventures

Meet the real life Rune

Photo credit: Melissa Blake Photography

Rune is a blue merle Australian Shepherd and Smooth Coat Collie mix. She was born June 22, 2018. Rune was born with a short nubby tail which she likes to chase after and growl at. This was the inspiration for Rune Myth’s Adventures: A Tale of a Tail. Rune would like for everyone to know, it’s okay to be different! Just like her.

Rune loves learning new things and competing in different dog sports. She also enjoys going to see professional photographers because she knows yummy treats are involved. Rune adores children especially her new human baby brother.

What’s so special about Rune Myth’s Books?

The 3 to 5 years age range books are colorful and will help with basic education.

The 5 to 10 years age range books are interactive in order to keep the children engaged in the story. These books teach number recognition and also include factual information. For example: In a Tale of a Tail the children will learn about all the different animal tails they come across in the book and what those tails are used for.

Can we meet Rune?

Absolutely! For those local we will gladly do book signings, readings, and vendors events where you can meet Rune in person. If you do not live in Central Florida we can arrange a virtual meeting. Just head over to the “Contact” tab in the menu or message us on Facebook or Instagram to set something up.