Our Journey Begins

My owner, Shannon has decided to write fictional stories about me. Currently the first book being published is, The Mysterious Case of Colby Rat. It’s currently in the proofing stage and the book proof should be here on Thursday.

Meanwhile, both of my owners teamed up and made a rubber mold stamp from my paw print. They said it will be a way of pawdigraphing the books without having to stick my actual paw into an ink pad.

It seems strange, but if using that weird rubber mold prevents my paw from being inked up and then washed…. stamp away!

My owner and I can’t wait for this book to be published. It means we will get to do something called a book signing. My owner promised me that I’ll get lots of yummy treats for attending with her. I love treats. Mentioning of, I better get off here and go act cute so that I get some yummy snacks from her.

Bark to you later!

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