A Tale of a Tail


When Rune realizes her short little tail is different than most, she goes on a search for a new one. Along the way she learns all about other animals and what their tails are used for. The reader must match the tail they find in the illustration with which animal name they believe is correct on the directional sign. Once matched they will turn to the page number listed beside the animal’s name on the directional sign. If they choose incorrectly it will tell them “wrong tail” and a directional sign will show them the way back to the correct tail. At the end of the book Rune learns an important lesson about her own tail.

This book is to help children learn about different animals, number recognition, and most importantly learn “it’s okay to be different.” It is an interactive book which helps keep the reader engaged in the story. It is geared for children ages 5-10, but is a fun book for any age to enjoy.



One night while Shannon was watching her dog, Rune, she was inspired to write A Tale of a Tail. Rune is an Australian Shepherd and Smooth Coat Collie mix. She was born with a short nub of a tail. It has become a nightly ritual for Rune to spin in circles while barking at her tail.

It was important for Shannon to create a story that would be meaningful to the children reading it. In the beginning of the story, Rune realizes she is different and wants to change her appearance. She goes on an adventure where she learns all about other animals and their tails. In the end, Rune realizes she is the unicorn of her kind. She is unique and perfectly fine the way she is.