About the Author/Illustrator

Shannon, her son Finan and Rune
(Photo credit: Melissa Blake Photography)

Shannon Langel graduated from Full Sail University’s Creative Writing for Entertainment BFA program in 2019 with the intent to write Young Adult Fiction. One day while watching her dog Rune chase her tail she was inspired to change her literary journey. Shannon decided to focus on writing children’s stories about Rune and all her adventures. She wanted Rune to look similar to the real life Rune so she decided to Self-Publish and even did all the illustrations for the book herself using watercolor paints.

In Shannon’s downtime, she can be found training Rune and her other three dogs, Valkyrie, Phoenix, and Sammy. She is a certified dog training and enjoys traveling to compete in various dog sports with Rune.

She became a mom in 2022 to a sweet and handsome little boy. Shannon is now focusing on a few books that her son and other young children can learn and grow with. She cannot wait for the day that her son looks at the books and realizes his puppy is the main character.