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  • It’s been a while…

    Yikes! We have fallen really behind in our book pupdates! I will make some post over the next few days to catch you all up.

    When last we met, Rune Myth’s Adventures: The Mysterious Case of Colby Rat had just been released. Mom and I did a book signing during a Christmas event back in December of 2020.

    We met lots of new friends and 20+ books went home with them! It’s so exciting knowing that I’m part of so many lives. I just love kids and you can tell by how my entire body shakes, my nubby tail goes out of control and I can’t help but give them all the kisses. Being the star of my own Children’s Books is the perfect job for me!

    Mom and I have been very busy with dog sports, photo shoots, training classes and even a NEW book! Oh, and I’m also going to be a big sister!! My parents are having their first child. I’ll write more about all these fun adventures in another blog soon.

    Bark at ya later,


  • First Adventure Book

    What an exciting week this has been. My book, Rune Myth’s Adventures: The Mysterious Case of Colby Rat was published on Amazon. My owner is officially a Self-Published Author and I have my very own story with many more to come! Our official copy arrived in the mail on Friday.

    Did you get your book yet? We could use your help in getting the word out about it. You can help us by sharing the link to purchase the book on your facebook, share a photo or video of your little one with the book, or head over to Amazon and leave an honest review about the book.

    We are working on setting up our first book signing. Be on the look out for more details on when and where that will be happening. You have the opportunity to meet me and get my pawtograph in your book, you can get my owner’s autograph too.

    The other exciting thing that happened this week… If you didn’t already know, I compete in Barn Hunt. It’s a dog sport where I search for real life rats. In early October, I earned my Novice title. The certificate arrived this week and my owner is so proud of me. I’m signed up for another competition in late December. I cannot wait!

    Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram. I’d love to hear from you on there. You can ask me questions, suggest adventure topics for my next story, find out what my favorite treat is, or even just say hello.

    Bark to you later,

    Rune Myth

  • Our Journey Begins

    My owner, Shannon has decided to write fictional stories about me. Currently the first book being published is, The Mysterious Case of Colby Rat. It’s currently in the proofing stage and the book proof should be here on Thursday.

    Meanwhile, both of my owners teamed up and made a rubber mold stamp from my paw print. They said it will be a way of pawdigraphing the books without having to stick my actual paw into an ink pad.

    It seems strange, but if using that weird rubber mold prevents my paw from being inked up and then washed…. stamp away!

    My owner and I can’t wait for this book to be published. It means we will get to do something called a book signing. My owner promised me that I’ll get lots of yummy treats for attending with her. I love treats. Mentioning of, I better get off here and go act cute so that I get some yummy snacks from her.

    Bark to you later!

    Rune Myth

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Hi, my name is Rune Myth. I’m an Australian Shepherd and Smooth Coat Collie Mix. I will be keeping you updated on all things related to Rune Myth’s Adventures.

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