It’s been a while…

Yikes! We have fallen really behind in our book pupdates! I will make some post over the next few days to catch you all up.

When last we met, Rune Myth’s Adventures: The Mysterious Case of Colby Rat had just been released. Mom and I did a book signing during a Christmas event back in December of 2020.

We met lots of new friends and 20+ books went home with them! It’s so exciting knowing that I’m part of so many lives. I just love kids and you can tell by how my entire body shakes, my nubby tail goes out of control and I can’t help but give them all the kisses. Being the star of my own Children’s Books is the perfect job for me!

Mom and I have been very busy with dog sports, photo shoots, training classes and even a NEW book! Oh, and I’m also going to be a big sister!! My parents are having their first child. I’ll write more about all these fun adventures in another blog soon.

Bark at ya later,


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